Wheelchair Softball

Wheelchair softball was born in the Midwest by a few individuals with spinal cord injuries and lower extremity impairments, who still wanted to enjoy America’s greatest pastime. These individuals needed to develop a way of playing without the full use of their legs that would allow easy maneuverability in a wheelchair and keep the fast pace of softball. Thus was born a new game played on hard surfaces, such as a parking lot, instead of the normal grassy infield, and a 16-inch softball, which allows wheelchair players to keep one hand one the wheelchair while catching a softball without a glove.


Today, there are over 30 teams worldwide.   Wheelchair softball is an exciting and challenging summer sport that enables most wheelchair users to compete.  Our goal is to support 2 - 3 softball teams in North Florida that will compete locally and nationally for a chance to be invited to the Annual NWSA Wheelchair Softball World Series.

Sample of Wheelchair Softball from the 2016 WSWS Championship Game