Our Vision...

Push Beyond Foundation was established with a simple goal: to develop programs and provide equipment to introduce those affected by physical or emotional disabilities to adaptive sports, while creating a higher level of awareness for those who may not fully understand the challenges associated with these disabilities. We accomplish this goal through three specific avenues: Sports to encourage active lifestyles, outreach to raise awareness and offer support, and community involvement to continue educating the general public.  


Sports / Healthy Living

The nationwide growth of adaptive athletic programs has skyrocketed over the past five  years, yet most people who do not have a tie to the adaptive community even know such programs exist. It is proven that sports substantially improve the self-worth, independence, social skills and overall health of those who participate. Our long term goal is to have a Multi-purpose gym/weightlifting facility that would allow us to offer various adaptive sports programs, along with adaptive training equipment for children, veterans, athletes and those wanting to take their health and fitness to the next level.  


We currently provide support for an adult wheelchair basketball team that will participate in Division III of the National Wheelchair Basketball Association with plans to add a Juniors (children) basketball team, Adult Division II basketball team and an adult Softball team to the program.  



The best way to spread our mission and affect others in a positive manner is to go out and speak to groups: churches, businesses, hospitals, schools and more. There are so many individuals and families affected by disabilities who often just need to know that there is someone there who cares. Many of the athletes who participate in our sports program also volunteer their time to share their stories of how their lives, in some cases, were forever changed in an instant.  These athletes share how they made a decision to "push beyond" their challenges and live life to the fullest despite their physical limitations.  


We purchase sports wheelchairs and equipment to help introduce children, adults and veterans to adaptive sports. We also strive to provide financial assistance to families who do not have complete coverage for their ever-mounting expenses. While they may have insurance that will cover most of their day-to-day expenses, there are always limits and unexpected financial surprises that families need assistance with.


Community Involvement

What better way to ensure our mission reaches the community than to get out and involved in the community? Along with our original programs we share at schools, businesses and groups,  We also partner with other similar organizations and participate in events that showcase the idea that individuals with disabilities are not defined by their disability and do not have to be grouped as such.